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Google’s recent announcement regarding content quality and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) should be welcome news for small business owners.  Yet, very few may be able to capitalise on the trends.

On a panel moderated by Search Engine Land’s Danny Sullivan, Matt Cutts of Google announced that Google would penalise “over optimised” websites meaning those with excessive keywords or links per page compared to those with “great content and great sites.”

You would expect small business owners to publish great content considering their experience and in-depth knowledge within their business domain.  Why then do so few small business websites have such great content and even fewer qualify as great sites?

Take for example your typical Glazier who can give a great deal of advice about double glazing, toughened/laminate glass and a whole host of other helpful information.  Much of this information is unlikely to find its way online.  First, they are too busy to generate the content.  Second, they cannot afford to hire full-time copywriters unlike bigger businesses.  But perhaps most importantly, they don’t have the content management tools to allow them to edit their own website and content.

That is a shame because instead you have a proliferation of business content generated by large companies employing full-time copywriters.  Often these writers are junior staff with little functional expertise and tasked with increasing SEO rankings at the expense of generating over-optimised banal content.   Glad to see Google doing something about this.

bOnline are also helping small business owners create great content.  With easy edit tools and SEO Wizard, business owners follow step-by-step instructions and industry best practices in order to generate great content on great looking websites.

Anthony Karibian
CEO, bOnline


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