Essential Google Ranking Signals for 2016

Google’s algorithm is complex and in parts very hard to understand. Comprising of over 200+ ranking factors, getting a site to rank well in terms of SEO can be difficult. Trying to work out how one site ranks and another does not can be difficult and not accurate. Here are some of the points I would like to bring to our client’s attention about SEO.

The best advice that any SEO professional can give a client is to build an easy to use, mobile-friendly, content-rich website.

Here are a few ranking factors to start working on today:

Contact Information – Make sure this information correct AND the same across the website and ALL online directories.

Link Building – Older links to and from other sites are always better than new links. But make sure the quality is there. Bad links can cause negative impacts on your sites SEO.

Avoid automating your content strategy – You can get content for your site from computer programmes. This produces content, but not high-quality content. The best strategy is to write it yourself.

Google Brownie Points – Signing your business up to Google My Business will increase your “Google Brownie Points” that in turn will help your SEO.

Internal Linking – Internal links have value and improve customer journey on the site and therefore, improve the site’s SEO.

High Authority Links – Google and Search Engines are crazy for sites that have links from .edu & .gov

Bounce Rate – Lower the rate that people bounce back to the search engine result page. This rate is a great indicator of how good your content is. Also, can be used to check the site’s loading time, as searchers will go back if the site takes too long.

Unique is best – The best form of content, links, images, tags are unique. So having duplicates can be another red flag to Search Engines including Google.

Search Engines want sites to do well, as the better the site within the result pages the better product they are giving their users.

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Max 'Rusty' Carlton is an SEO consultant at bOnline. In his posts he shares tips for improving local SEO rankings and staying current with Google Rankings.

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