Five benefits of having a website for a small business in 2015

Like many other small business owners, you may wonder if spending money on a website will be a wise investment. Or you might believe there are no real benefits for small businesses having a website; that search engines like Google or Yahoo would always promote big companies first and leave the small ones behind with no exposure. And you would be right: what would be the point of having a beautiful website if no one can see it?

Here are 5 reasons that proves you should have one:

  1. Your credibility is at stake: It’s 2015 and people looking for a business expect to see a website (more and more a mobile-friendly one!) even if it is just to get a phone number. If you didn’t plan to do online sales having a website is still very important for exposure. It’s an opportunity to promote your offer and see excellent cost-effective improvements in marketing for your small business.
  2. Local SEO will boost your leads and sales: Believe it or not but having a website will be a boom for your business even if you are the tiniest business based in the middle of the nowhere. Being on the top of search engines results and ahead of your competitors you will have the upper-hand on your competitors. Don’t believe your size necessarily matters or you have to spend huge amounts of money to achieve this. You would be amazed by all these small business local SEO success stories thanks to a good local SEO strategy.
  3. Having a website gives you new opportunities: According to a survey by GoDaddy 54 per cent of the smallest businesses without a website fear their business will fail to grow within the next 3-5 years. Meanwhile, 60 per cent of businesses with a website believe they could grow by anything up to 50 per cent in the same timeframe! The internet is full of new opportunities that will definitely benefit your business no matter your size or what you sell. It’s time to be optimistic!
  4. You are missing sales: Online retail sales are predicted to reach £52 bn this year. Every time someone is looking for products or services you provide they won’t see what you feature despite all your efforts. On the other hand your competitors who do have a website will be seen and they won’t miss the opportunity to reach all the prospects online.
  5. We can do all this from £249 only: bOnline is ranked No.1 on Trustpilot, over 12 000 Uk small businesses already trusted us. From creating your website with a professional design to moving you up the search engines results pages, we guarantee you the best online presence.

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