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bOnline’s Service Manager, Nicholas Gazel, explains how to get more out of your website using contact forms:

Many people don’t realize the full potential of the contact forms on their websites. The contact forms on bOnline websites can be customised to capture any information you wish.

There are many examples of bOnline customers using customised forms to manage their businesses more efficiently.   Recruiters can require CV’s to be uploaded, Salons can add calendars and scheduling features as a simple booking form. Simple forms allow you to capture data from your visitors and can help with future conversion – email sign-up forms are a good examples of this.

Here’s how our guide to get forms on your website:

  1. Customising your contact form
    • First begin by logging in to your website and going to your contact us page.
    • Then click customise followed by edit content (first button).
    • From there, click on the customise form option on the left-hand toolbar.
    • A popup box will appear titled customise contact form with three tabs: add fields, field settings and alert settings.
      • Add fields
        1. On the left-hand side of this pop up box you will see the different options to add to your contact form. Simply drag and drop the relevant field to the right-hand side of the popup where you will see a mockup of your current contact form.
        2. On the left-hand side you can change the order of the fields by clicking and dragging each field up and down, or remove a field by clicking on the ‘x’ next to the name of each field.
        3. You can also change the name of the form and the width on the add fields tab.
      • Field settings
        1. This tab will allow you to change the field name and set it as a required field if you desire.
      • Alert settings
        1. In this tab you can add and email address and mobile phone number you wish to send an alert to when someone fills out the contact form
  2. Checking your contact form inbox
    • Go to the home page of your website and make sure you are logged in
    • At the top of your site you will see several tabs, click on the customers tab.
    • From there click the Inbox link just below the customers tab.
    • Here you will see a list with all contact form submissions.


The contact form can be a powerful tool to capture new client information. Using this feature to its full potential can help you increase conversions on your site and grow your customer base.

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Nick is service manager at bOnline. In his posts he shares website editing tips, tricks and how to get the most out of bOnline's editing tools.

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