Small business website mistakes: A Message as Clear as Mud

When someone lands on your webpage, you have just a few seconds to draw them in before they decide whether to read more or leave. This means that as soon as your visitor glances at the page, it’s essential they’re clear what the purpose of your site is. If your home page doesn’t make its intentions clear, visitors will think they’ve come to the wrong place and will quickly move onto the next search engine result. It might sound easy, but simplicity is something that often gets overlooked.

Who Got it Wrong:

This home page might be nice and bright, but what’s it for? A designer? A games site? No, it’s for the band Hyperbubble… but you could be forgiven for not knowing that. Try clicking one of the coloured bubbles and you’ll be taken into the depths of the site, which are even more confusing.

Who Got it Right:

Debbie’s Driving School is, obviously, a driving school. The home page tells us that, and everything else we need to know. From one quick glance, you can tell what the business is, where it’s based, how much lessons cost and how to get in touch. This site was created with bOnline.

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