Small business website mistakes: Hidden Links

Your website home page, as well as being nice to look at, needs to provide a few basic functions. One of the main features of the home page should be a clear, simple navigation bar to help visitors get to the information they want. Links within text should also be clear and easy to follow. Unfortunately, some website designers sacrifice this basic need in favour of style, giving way to invisible navigation.

Who got it wrong:


At first glance, this site’s homepage seems to consist of nothing but a nice logo. Users need to take the initiative to hover over the crosses around the logo to find the navigation options one-by-one. There are lots of links in the text within the site, but the only way to find them is to hover over every word, as they are not differentiated from the main text in any way.

Who got it right:

This site, created on the bOnline platform, makes good use of a clear navigation bar at the top of each page. There are also drop-down options for subcategories, which are clear when hovering over the navigation bar. All of this makes the site easy to use, and due to the navigation bar being included on every page, there is no need to go back to the home page to move around the site.

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