Small business website mistakes: Invisible Navigation

As well as looking professional, your site also needs to be easy for your customers to use. Clear navigation is important for this – your site visitors need to know exactly what to click on to get to a certain page, and should always be able to get back to the homepage in one simple click. It sounds simple, but so many sites get it wrong.

Who Got it Wrong:

This site takes far too long to load, and includes a pointless start screen. But its worst fault is being a pain to navigate. Although there is an ‘enter’ button on the start screen, it’s actually a tiny invisible point near the button which actually grants access. Once you’ve found that, you’re taken to the actual home page But where to go from there? The navigation bar is nowhere to be seen. Hint: it’s in the dark area on the far left – you have to hover around before the navigation buttons appear. In practice, many site visitors may have given up by now and gone to another site.


Who Got it Right:

This site, created by a bOnline customer, has a clean, simple navigation bar. The drop-down menu on the prices tab is simple and self explanatory, adding another dimension to the site navigation. Users can always get to another page or the homepage as the navigation bar is included on every page. The logo at the top of each page also links back to the home page.

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