Small business website mistakes: Off-putting Splash Pages

Splash pages, like Flash animation, were very popular on the web a few years ago. Thankfully, many designers have realised the downsides of splash pages, but many still remain. So what’s wrong with them? Well, you want people to use your website, so why put up a barrier to slow them down? Some sites have reported that 25% of users leave as soon as they see a splash page. They’re also bad for search engine optimisation (SEO), and can be incompatible with some mobile devices if they’re made with Flash.

Who got it wrong:
This splash page is just a static image, with no navigation options and no additional information. Clicking on it takes you to the full site, but there is no clear ‘enter here’ button. The idea behind this splash page is to highlight a designer’s piece of work, but there’s a danger a user would think this is a very simple home page, which could drive them to move on to another site.
Who got it right:

In some cases, splash pages are a good idea. Take the example above, where the splash page serves to confirm that the user is of an appropriate age to view the content. Other useful splash pages can be used to set preferences for language, country and browser settings to optimise the site for the user.

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