Small business website mistakes: Prehistoric Content

Your website can be full of useful things for your visitors: news, events and blogs can all enhance your site’s popularity. Unfortunately, there are many sites on the web which don’t keep these features up to date, leading to a site that is frozen in time at the point it was last updated. Keeping these parts updated does not only keep your visitors informed, it lets them know that you’re still in business and is great for SEO (search engine optimisation) purposes.

Who Got it Wrong:

This audio hire site had good intentions back in 2005 when it started featuring the company’s latest news on its site. Unfortunately, staff only managed to write three posts, the last of which was in 2006. Because the site is no longer updated, a visitor to the site might assume that the company is no longer in business, even if it is.

Who Got it Right:

This is another audio solutions site, created on the bOnline platform. The difference is, the company takes the time to update their news section regularly. Visitors to the site are getting useful information and are in no doubt that the company is still able to offer what they need. This is great for SEO, letting the search engines know this isn’t a ‘dead’ site and ensuring it’s pushed up the rankings above less active sites.

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