Small business website mistakes: Scaring Visitors Away with Text

You want your website to be a place where your potential customers come to get more information, so lots of informative text is a good thing, right? Well, as gripping as your information may be, you need to make sure it’s appealing for people to read. Large chunks of text can look daunting and put people off reading it. Here’s an example of a site that makes that very same mistake, and one that has the balance right:

Who got it wrong:

Not only is the text on this site difficult to read because of its bright colours, there is also a LOT of it to get through. Just have a look and scroll down – would you really want to sit and read through all of this text? It would be much better if the information was broken down into more manageable chunks.

Who got it right:

This site, created with bOnline, holds a lot of information but it is broken down enough to be easy to read. The site also makes the most of images to help break things up further, and which make the site much nicer to look at overall.

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