Small business website mistakes: Wading Through Clutter

There is so much to say about your business, so it’s understandable you’d want to include it all on your website. But cramming every bit of information on one page certainly isn’t the way to go. Customers will be put off by busy landing pages, and if the page is cluttered with an array of images, text and colours it will distract from your main message. The best website designs are clean, sleek and professional-looking, with a good balance of text, images and colours.

Who got it wrong:

This car hire site has actually won awards for being one of the worst in the UK. It certainly catches your attention – but what do you read first? Where do you click? And why do you suddenly have a headache? The page is so busy it’s overwhelming to potential customers, not to mention its tackiness makes the business look unprofessional.

Who got it right:

Here’s another car hire site, which was created by a bOnline customer. This site manages to keep its homepage simple without being plain. It draws the attention with a central image, and different sections of the site are clearly marked. Its sleek design manages to look professional but still eye-catching.

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