Small business website mistakes: “What IS that? Turn it off!”

A website can provide a full multimedia experience to your visitors – text, audio and video can all be included and all have their benefits. But one major mistake many people make is to automatically play sounds and videos as soon as visitors land on the page. They may be listening to their own music, or worse, in a quiet location with their speakers on. They won’t be happy when your backing track or promotional video blasts out unexpectedly, and they may simply close your page to stop it, meaning you’ve lost a visitor.

Who got it wrong:


Click if you dare. This site plays a jaunty tune as soon as it loads, and good luck getting it to stop – the ‘music off’ button is visible but only has a tiny clickable area. Even if you like a bit of impromptu music, this won’t be to everyone’s taste.

Who got it right:

Multimedia can be a great asset to your site, but there’s no need to force it on your visitors. They probably know how to click a ‘start’ button and will choose to do so if they feel like it. Unlike the other dance studio site, this one includes a promotional video which gives users the option to take it or leave it.

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