Small business website mistakes: Whirling, Flashing & Distracting

We’ve all seen great web pages that draw people in with animations and moving images. Although animation is certainly eye-catching, its misuse on a web page can have the opposite of the desired effect, putting people off and distracting them from important information about your company. Too much animation on a page can look tacky and leave your users frustrated.

Who Got it Wrong:

It’s not hard to see why we chose this site. We can count 15 moving images within our eyeline, not to mention the spinning images covering the entire background of the page. Where are we supposed to look? Probably at the text box in the middle of the page, but it’s hard to concentrate on the key information with so much going on around it.

Who Got it Right:

This site uses a very subtle animation on its main image. This is very effective, drawing you in but not distracting from the rest of the information on the page.To balance with the animation, the rest of the page is kept clean and neutral, so there are not several visual points vying for attention.

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