How to start your own business from home: The basics

work at homeStarting your own business from home is now easier than ever as more business processes are able to be done online. So if you have a hobby or skill you’d like to turn into a business, you can do it easily and effectively with just a few tools.

The benefits

Many of us who work in offices have dreamed of working from home at some point. There are certainly a lot of benefits – by starting your business from home you save money (no shop or office rent), time (no commuting), and get to conduct your business in a comfortable environment around the hours that suit you.

You don’t need expensive office space or a team of workers. All you need to start up your business these days is an internet connection and an idea, product or skill.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t even need a lot of money to go it alone. Research from earlier this year found that the average cost of starting up a freelance business is less than an average week’s wages at £312.

Where to start

Once you have settled upon your business idea, you need to get your business online. Whether you’re selling a product online or putting your skills to use as a freelancer, the internet will be your most valuable tool for both marketing and management.

A website is a great resource, as it can be used to market your business, sell your items or services, and communicate with your customers. It also makes your business stand out as professional – your customers don’t need to know that you’re actually conducting business in your pyjamas. There are many affordable and easy solutions for building and marketing small business websites, including bOnline.

3 top tips for success

– Minimise distractions. It may be tempting to work in front of the TV, but your business will be more productive and profitable if you give it your full attention. Try to allocate a space in your home specifically for business use, and schedule breaks as you would in any other job.

– Market yourself. It’s all very well dedicating your spare time to your business, but people won’t know about it unless you tell them. Make sure you market your business online by optimising your website for search engines, promoting your services on social media, and submitting your URL to relevant directories. Word of mouth is still a successful form of marketing, so get friends and family to spread the word too!

– Stick it out. Your business may not make you a millionaire in a matter of weeks, but more benefits will come if you persevere. Remember that online marketing tactics such as SEO can take several months to be effective, but enjoy working from home on what you love in the meantime – it’s not all about profit, especially when you’re just starting out.

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