Local SEO Tips to Start Now for 2015

bOnline SEO Consultant, Max Carlton, shares his tips for getting your site SEO ready for 2015:

This year, we saw Google make a focus on local optimisation for search results. This will continue in 2015. Here are our tips for setting your site on the right direction for 2015, today:

  • Home Page Content. Search engines (more importantly, your customers) need to know what you do and offer. If your home page has just a few sentences, this is where you need to add more useful content – immediately.
  • Sparse inner-page content. Search engines (again, your customers) are checking your website for useful, relevant information based on their searches. Customer are searching for information about you, your product/service and how it will help them. Offer as much information on each page as you can.
  • Spamming Keywords. The notion of Keywords is outdated. Forget about ranking because you have listed loads of keywords and local cities. That information is not relevant, contextual.
  • Wrong Page Title Tags. A title tag should summarise the page – Put your primary keyword phrase at the beginning and your business name at the end. This is like free advertising on Google, so make it look good for your business, not just a load of spammy keywords.
  • Location, location, location. To rank local, you must optimise local. Include location in your page title tag, your H1 heading and again in your content. Optimising for local won’t work unless you’re talking about your local area in your content.

If you would like one of our SEO experts to give your site an SEO refresh before 2015, give us a call on 020 3617 9950 or send an email to sales@bonline.com for more information.

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Max 'Rusty' Carlton is an SEO consultant at bOnline. In his posts he shares tips for improving local SEO rankings and staying current with Google Rankings.

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