News: 30,000 small business websites fall victim to hackers daily

Small business web securitySmall business websites are now more prone to malware than porn and gambling sites, with many being taken over by hackers.

Thankfully, bOnline websites come with built-in security features, but many small businesses take the risk of leaving web security out of their budget.

James Lyne, director of technology at Sophos, told V3 malware has spread rapidly through small business websites this year.

He said, “We’re seeing about 30,000 new infected websites per day. What’s interesting about those web-based infections is that over 80 percent of them are actually small businesses — not porn sites, not gambling sites or any of the scarier types — but legitimate small businesses’ websites that have been hacked.”

Lyne is encouraging small businesses to learn about the dangers of the web, and says the UK government should do more to educate the population on the importance of cyber security in order to minimise its impact on the economy. He said “Undeniably, billions of pounds a year are being lost and the majority of that falls to cuts to small businesses.”

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