News: 37% of Businesses Suffer Web Envy

A new report shows that ‘web envy’ is sweeping Britain. The report from Decibel Technology revealed that 37% of businesses think their closest competitor’s website is better than their own.

The report also discusses how important a good website is for a company’s image. 46% of people say they wouldn’t consider doing business with a company that had an out-of-date or hard to navigate website. Half (51%) of respondents said that a company’s website influences their opinion of the organisation.

Despite these facts, 19% don’t think their own company website represents their brand.

Ben Harris, Managing Director and Decibel Technology, said “Web envy is good if it inspires businesses to maximise the performance of their own website, but the consequences of not acting on this are more sobering”.

As a company’s website is a reflection of the business, inaction can be very damaging. Unfortunately, sites are sitting around unchanged, out-of-date and hard to use. Of course, with services like bOnline, there’s no need to settle for website envy!

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