News: A quarter of Brits have stolen from their employer


More than a quarter of British workers have admitted to stealing items from their workplace in a new survey from

The survey found that 27% of Brits have stolen from work in the past, with stationery being the most commonly stolen item (79%).

A third admitted to taking petty cash, and 29% said they had taken items from the workplace kitchen, including cutlery, plates, and utensils.

However, 28% of those who admitted to workplace theft revealed they had taken items over the value of £100, with 12% saying they had taken more than £1000 worth of items from work.

Almost half of respondents (48%) said they would steal from work if they were certain they wouldn’t get caught.

When asked why they would steal from their employers, 37% said the items would not be missed, 29% said they had worked so hard they had a right to take items, and 24% said they would simply take something if the opportunity arose.

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