News: Are more workers guilty of ‘blurring’?

work at homeA new study by Accor and IPSOS has highlighted the growing trend of ‘blurring’, where workers’ professional lives are becoming increasingly intermingled with their personal lives.

According to the research, 86% of Brits take a work mobile on holiday, with 40% even taking a work laptop away with them. Almost three quarters (73%) extend work into their holidays.

Work is also encroaching on their everyday lives – nine out of ten admit to working, checking or sending business emails in the evening, and 40% check their emails in bed before going to sleep.

When asked why they work out of hours, 82% said they feel obligated to, despite only 60% feeling that this work will facilitate professional development. Some 62% say their role requires a high level of involvement, 27% do it to show commitment, and 14% simply say everyone at work does it.

The impact of blurring is far-reaching. The majority of respondents said they feel guilty for not spending as much time as they would like with loved ones, and 72% said work devices impact on their personal life. Over a quarter (27%) are rebuked by loved ones for not switching off, leading 13% to hide their out of office work from loved ones.

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