News: Bad breath could damage your business

Teeth important for businessDo you take good care of your teeth? If not, you could be damaging your career or hurting your small business’ chances of success.

A new survey from AXA PPP Healthcare has found that many small business owners judge others harshly when it comes to dental hygiene, even to the point they would avoid promoting an employee or doing business with a supplier.

Almost half (48%) of senior decision makers said bad dental hygiene would have a negative effect on their choice to do business with someone, and 44% said unpleasant teeth or bad breath would adversely affect their decision to promote an employee, regardless of their ability.

However, it seems the same decision makers do not apply these standards to themselves. A full 30% admitted they never floss, and 27% haven’t visited a dentist in the last year. Almost a third (31%) said they rarely or never check their teeth before an important business meeting. The survey also found that women are twice as likely to take care of their oral hygiene than men.

Dr John Burke from AXA PPP Healthcare said, “We’re always told that first impressions count, and these figures certainly do add credence to this argument. The suggestion that people are suffering career or business setbacks because of bad teeth or poor oral health is alarming – especially when good oral hygiene and regular check-ups can so readily help to secure good dental health and achieve a winning smile.”

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