News: Brits Prefer Smart Dress Codes for Workers

Dress code in the workplace has been a hot topic recently, with everyone from the Metropolitan Police to music retailer HMV cracking down on scruffiness and “extreme body art”. And in a report released today, it seems that the general public agrees that workers should tidy up their appearance.

In a YouGov survey by HR firm Croner, almost half (49%) of people surveyed said that it is unacceptable for ‘front line’ workers (those working in public) to have a non-professional appearance.

Shop assistants and bar staff get off fairly lightly when it comes to dressing smartly, with 28% of people agreeing that it was acceptable for these workers to have a less than professional appearance. However, when asked what would put them off approaching a shop assistant, 48% of respondents said scruffy clothes, followed by facial piercings (37%) and tattoos (21%).

Most people would like police officers and nurses to remain smartly dressed, with just 4% of respondents saying they would approve of less professional clothing for these workers.

Louise Barnes, a Senior Employment Consultant at Croner says: “In the last ten years or so people’s attitudes to what they should wear, and how they look for work, have changed. As a result employers have adopted a more casual approach with measures such as dress down Fridays. However, our survey demonstrates that we have reached the point where some employees are unsure of the acceptable boundaries and are failing to meet the standards their bosses want.”

Do you work in an environment with a particular dress code? Or do you think that ‘front line’ workers such as shop assistants and bar staff should be allowed to wear what they want? Leave us a comment to let us know your thoughts.

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