News: Business owners admit to taking calls on the toilet

All sizes   ladies and gents   Flickr - Photo Sharing!With the growth of mobile technology, it’s now possible to do business almost anywhere — but how many business owners would take a professional call in the toilet? Surprisingly, 70% of business owners admitted just that in a new survey by call answering services Penelope and Moneypenny.

The bathroom wasn’t the only unusual office environment to emerge in the survey — 18% of respondents said they had taken a business call at a funeral, and 13% at a wedding.

The survey found that cost is the main reason business owners are reluctant to miss calls. It’s estimated micro-businesses each lose over £3,300 per year though missed business calls. The average small business receives more than 20 calls per day, 9% of which are new business enquiries. They miss about seven calls daily, which could be worth £102 in sales.

Ed Reeves, co-founder of Penelope and Moneypenny, said “These findings outline why most micro-business owners are going to such extreme lengths to avoid missing business calls. Put bluntly, a missed call is missed business. A consumer is unlikely to chase a business to buy something from them; it’s far more likely that they will simply call someone else.”

We’d love to hear your views on this one — leave us a comment and tell us the most unusual place you’ve ever taken a call.

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