News: Business owners are happiest members of the workforce

small business newsBusiness owners are the happiest members of the UK workforce, according to a new report from Regus.

The Work Life Balance report, based on a poll of 26,000 professionals, also found that UK workers are more content than workers in France and Germany. However, UK workers were found to be less content than their American counterparts.

The study also found an age gap in the satisfaction of business professionals. Those born after 1964 were a third more likely to enjoy work than their older colleagues.

Previous research from Regus found that 74% of office workers believe flexible working makes them more productive and helps them redress their work-life balance.

John Spencer, UK CEO of Regus, said “Employers must recognise the importance of work-life balance not only for their own health and that of their staff but for the company as a whole. Happy workers are both more productive and less likely to leave. As the job market improves, companies that actively promote work-life balance will be more successful in retaining their talent.”

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