News: Businesses not ‘IT-savvy’ enough

keyboard in focus with screenA poll of almost 500 medium-sized businesses in the UK has found that around half do not feel up to date with how their customers and competitors use technology.

The research by Vistage also found that 36% of businesses do not have anyone in their senior management team who is ‘IT-savvy’. However, 61% of CEOs, MDs and owners of these companies said technology has had a positive impact on their business prospects.

Steve Gilroy, CEO of Vistage, said “Business owners and chief executives are ‘asleep at the wheel’ if they and their senior team are not fully up to date with how technology is being used.”

“No matter what sector you are in, your competitors are using technology to improve their offerings and sell more effectively, while your suppliers and customers are using technology innovatively too.”

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