News: Captain Turns Plane Around to Avoid Overtime

Most of us have worked overtime at some point, whether arranged or just a case of staying at work a little late to get something finished. If you own a small business, you’ve probably done this more often than most, putting in the extra hours to make sure your business survives. So you might be surprised to hear how things are done in Norway.

This week it was reported that a Norwegian passenger plane, which was about to land in the northern town of Mosjoen, turned around in mid-air and returned to another airport so its crew wouldn’t have to work overtime.

The plane had already started to make its descent when the decision was made to turn back to Trondheim, about 217 miles away. A spokesman for the company told local newspaper Rana Blad: “Unfortunately, the plane took off with a crew that was about to clock out. We have strict working hours that are imposed by the authorities, which we cannot exceed”.

By law, a single employee working in Norway is limited to 200 hours of overtime a year. Work schedules and overtime agreements also need to be discussed in advance. Unfortunately, small business owners rarely have the luxury of sticking to standard hours. Have you ever worked unpaid overtime, or more than you think is reasonable? Leave us a comment to let us know.

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