News: Efficiency Tops Small Businesses’ New Year’s Resolutions

Improving efficiency has topped the list of New Year’s resolutions for small business workers this year.

In new research from Dynamic Markets and Google, 80% of small business employees said they had made work-related resolutions for the start of 2013. Respondents said their top three resolutions this year were working more efficiently, improving communication with colleagues and customers, and leaving work on time more often.

71% of small business employees said they found their life at work ‘tough’, with a lack of teamwork and long working hours heading up the list of complaints. More than half (54%) said they experience email problems every week, and some workers found arranging meetings frustrating, with the average meeting taking an hour and a half to arrange.

Commenting on the findings, Neil Delaney, director of small and medium businesses for EMEA at Google Enterprise said: “With so many resolving to work more efficiently, perhaps 2013 will be a turning point where we see more small businesses working smarter, collaborating more effectively with their colleagues and customers, and accessing the tools needed for better communication.”

Have you made any work-related New Year’s resolutions? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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