News: Email wins as office workers grow fearful of the phone

IMG_1260With digital communication in the workplace now easier than ever, some office workers have come to rely on methods such as email to replace telephone and face to face conversations.

This is according to a new survey from Jurys Inn Hotels and CrossCountry Trains, which questioned 2,500 office workers.

A staggering 94% of respondents said they prefer email communication to using the telephone. Over a quarter (28%) even said phone communication makes them nervous, rising to almost 40% in 18-24 year olds. One in 20 office workers under 24 say telephone communication “terrifies” them.

Formal conversations which were normally reserved for face-to-face meetings are now increasingly conducted by email. One in five office workers said they would consider handing in their notice via email, 14% would ask for a pay rise via email, and 16% of women would inform their employer of a pregnancy via email.

However, despite email being the favourite method of communication in the office, it does have its downfalls. The most common email mistakes are below – why not leave a comment to let us know how many you’ve made?

– Accidentally clicking send before the email is ready (36%)

– Embarrassing spelling and grammar mistakes (20%)

– Accidentally sending a kiss at the end of a message (12%)

– Copying a client into an internal email about them (7%)

– Forwarding an inappropriate email trail (7%)

– Forgetting an attachment (50%)

– Forgetting to blind copy (BCC) on an email (12%)

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