News: Hope for GCSE reform to give students workplace skills

GCSE examsWith the planned overhaul in GCSE exams, small business owners are hoping students will leave school better equipped for the workplace. As school students prepare to receive their exam results tomorrow, research reveals five out of 10 small business owners believe young people lack a good attitude to work, as well as key skills such as problem solving.

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) believes the government’s changes to GCSE exams should focus on skills such as communication, problem solving, and attitudes to work. Based on the statistic that 61% of small businesses are not confident they will find the right young person for the job, the FSB has also suggested more careers education and guidance in schools.

The Federation also stressed that any changes to the GCSE system should be clearly communicated to small business owners, so they are aware of what exam grades mean when recruiting staff.

John Allan, National Chairman for the FSB, said “We want to see employability and personal skills embedded in everyday teaching and schools must focus on this alongside academic rigour. Young people need to know about business; what the workplace expects of them and how to pursue careers that suit their skills.”


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