News: Majority of Women Would Choose a Male Boss

If you could choose your boss, there is probably a long list of attributes you’d like them to have – but would gender come into the equation? According to a new poll, it’s an important consideration for women, who prefer male bosses.

The recent poll from revealed that 35% of women would prefer to work for a male manager, with just 6% saying they would rather work for a woman. The remaining 59% said they had no preference.

“It is very interesting to find that women would rather have a male boss given the choice. A staggeringly small amount of women said they would prefer a female boss, which is a particularly interesting finding,” a spokesperson for told Fresh Business Thinking.

However, these opinions don’t stop women looking to become bosses themselves – 85% of women said they would like to hold a management position at some point in their career.

“An increasing number of women are holding senior positions in companies, so the impact this will have on office dynamics is going to be a fascinating phenomenon to observe in future.”

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