News: Most small businesses are now run from home

Run small business from home

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The majority of small businesses in the UK are run from home, according to a new report, with 2.5 million home businesses making up 52% of the country’s small businesses and 8% of the UK’s total workforce.

The research from Direct Line for Business (DL4B) found the highest concentration of home businesses in the South East and South West, with each representing a tenth of the workforce. Home businesses in London make up 9% of the total number, with more than 356,000 across the capital.

The study also revealed that men are more than twice as likely as women to run their own business from home. There are 1.7 million male home business owners in the UK, with 818,000 female home business owners.

Jazz Gakhal, head of DL4B, said “Self-employment has been on the rise for several years and our research now shows that a great number of these people work for themselves from home.”

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