News: Most small business websites are doing more harm than good

smallbusinesswebsitesbOnline’s new research has found that more small businesses have a website than previously thought – but the vast majority of them aren’t fit for purpose.

In a survey of 10,000 British micro-businesses, we found it encouraging that 81% had a website – previous estimates put the figure at around 50%. However, a worrying 80% of these sites are poor quality, and can actually be damaging to small businesses.

We found that many small business websites are static, with very few pages and little ability to edit content – meaning they quickly become outdated. Not only do these poor quality websites damage a brand’s reputation, they also provide low rankings on search engines such as Google, making it more difficult for these businesses to be found online.

bOnline’s CEO Anthony Karibian said “If your website hasn’t been optimised to help it up the rankings, you can’t independently reach out and help potential customers find you; instead you’re relying on them stumbling across you by chance. If this description fits you, despite having a website, you’re effectively working off-line and in the dark”.

You can check out the full feature from our CEO on The Guardian site here, and find out how to optimise your small business website.

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