News: One in five businesses damaged by derogatory online posts

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Online reputation management is in greater demand than ever before, as poor reviews and derogatory content is becoming more prominent on the web.

According to a study by reputation management company Igniyte, one in five businesses have been the victim of negative content on the web which they could not challenge or remove. The same amount also claim to have been targeted by ex-employees, angry customers or competitors intentionally posting malicious reviews on the web.

These negative posts often use words such as ‘scam’, ‘complaints’, and ‘poor service’, and two thirds are posted on more than one website. As a result, 35% of businesses have had negative search suggestions appear in Google’s Auto Suggest bar when their business name is entered.

Speaking to Real Business, Igniyte director Caroline Skipsey said “Gaining control of content available online about yourself or your company is becoming more and more difficult. Review websites allow visitors to leave anonymous comments and many are creating websites and blogs with the sole reason to bad mouth a person or company.”

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