News: One third of bosses behave badly

Bad boss

According to a survey of over 1000 British workers, one in three bosses behave badly, with 11% being described as ‘bad’ or ‘despicable’.

Workers also complained of inappropriate behaviour including swearing, bullying, lying and breaching confidentiality. 12% of workers said their bosses had displayed inappropriate behaviour in the last 12 months.

Respondents to the survey by Inspiring Business Productivity (IBP) likened their bosses to TV character David Brent, Margaret Thatcher, and even Hitler.

Bosses’ bad behaviour is proving damaging to businesses: 10% of workers admit to purposely disrupting the workplace and 8% to throwing sickies as a result of their boss’ behaviour. Out of the unhappy employees 13% said they had looked for another job and 4% even left their jobs without securing other work.

John Telfer, Managing Director for IBP, said: “While it’s fun to make comparisons between badly behaved bosses and well known characters, the reality is less funny. There’s a financial cost that shouldn’t be ignored as workers become less productive.”

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