News: Pinterest Launches its Service for Brands

Pinterest, the world’s fastest growing social networking site, has just launched brand pages for businesses. For companies that already use Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to market their brand, Pinterest could prove a valuable addition.

If you haven’t heard of Pinterest, it’s guaranteed some of your customers have. In February, the social network hit 10 million unique monthly users faster than any other independent site.

Pinterest describes itself as a ‘virtual pinboard’, where users collate their favourite images from the web. Many use it to scrapbook ideas for crafts, weddings, interior design, cooking and much more. It can be very useful for product based businesses, photographers and designers.

Many businesses have already found marketing success on Pinterest, but until the recent upgrade to brand pages, they were technically breaching the service’s rules. The new features allow businesses to make marketing easier on Pinterest.

Come and visit us on Pinterest to see how it works!

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