News: Professionals face ‘burn out’ at 41

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New research has revealed that professionals are most likely to ‘burn out’ or feel overwhelmed by their workload at the age of 41.

The survey from Conference Genie explored workers’ susceptibility to become overstressed or burned out by years of working hard.

Professionals are more likely to feel relaxed after the age of 55, when they feel their goals are more achievable.

As well as age, earnings were found to be a factor for stress. Those earning £70,000 – £79,000 struggle most with their workload, with 55% admitting they find theirs difficult to manage. Men are also more likely to experience burnout, with 29% admitting their workload is unsustainable, compared to 24% of women.

Simon Prince, marketing manager at Conference Genie, said “As this research suggests that a wide range of entrepreneurs and employees at all levels feel overworked, there’s the hope that this will change as the economy improves and restraints on resources start to shift. We’re hoping to see an increase in recruitment and outsourcing, and a reduction in the amount of people who feel overworked.”


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