News: Small business managers set to skip summer holidays

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Many small business managers are putting their summer holidays on hold as they concentrate on their work, according to a new study by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

The survey found that only half of managers have booked a holiday so far this year, and 35% said they have put the brakes on their annual holiday. Of those who said they won’t use up their annual leave, 69% blamed their overwhelming workload.

Those who do plan to take a holiday may not take a complete break from work – 12% said they would check their emails daily, while 19% will look most days and 26% will catch up on emails once or twice a week while they’re away.

Although 88% of managers agree taking a holiday is refreshing, a quarter find themselves putting in more than eight hours of extra work running up to their break. A similar number have to put in extra work when they return in order to catch up.

Petra Wilton, CMI director of strategy, says “With the economy in a rut, managers are working harder and longer. It’s about time some of them took a well-earned break, which will pay dividends when they come back healthier, happier and full of renewed energy and enthusiasm.”

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