News: Small Businesses Warned to Brace for Snowfall

If you’ve been tuned in to the news or the post office chit-chat this week you’ll already know that it’s that time of year again… the snow is coming. Most parts of the UK see moderate snowfall only once or twice a year, and for the last few years this has wreaked havoc with travel and distribution networks.

In light of the weather forecast for the next few days, the Forum for Private Business has warned small businesses across the country to prepare for the effects of the cold weather.

According to figures from YouGov, 37% of small and medium businesses in the UK have suffered problems due to previous snowfall. Of these small businesses, 13% said the problems they suffered were severe, with 34% of employees saying they struggled to get to work.

As well as staff shortage issues, small businesses are urged to prepare for delivery difficulties and ensure workplaces are weatherproof.

The Forum’s spokesman, Robert Downes, said: “Disruptive weather such as heavy snow and unusually cold weather hampers deliveries, triggers heating and power failures, and can often mean employees can’t get to work.”

He added: “Recent winters have demonstrated just how susceptible the UK is to extreme weather, and the cost to business quickly runs into millions. So it’s essential for small and micro businesses do all they can to mitigate the impact, and being proactive now will mean not having to rush out a reactive plan once bad weather strikes.”

Has your business suffered due to bad weather in previous years? Or are you looking forward to the snow? Leave us a comment to let us know.

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