News: Smell could be the secret to career success

1366479417_fc57a76838A new survey has revealed smell could be the key to both improving career prospects and being happier at work.

According to Avanta Research, one in 20 British employers have rejected a job applicant because of how they smelled. Women place a greater emphasis on smelling good at work, but men are almost twice as likely to reject a candidate over strong aftershave or perfume.

Two out of three people also agreed that the general aroma of an office can affect productivity, morale and attitude. Respondents aged 25-34 placed the most importance on smells in the office environment.

Survey respondents also ranked the worst office smells in order:

1. The toilets

2. People eating fish at their desks

3. The bins

4. People eating curry at their desks

5. Colleagues taking their shoes off

6. Their colleagues in general!

Has the scent of your workplace ever affected your productivity? We’d love to hear your thoughts on this, so leave a comment below.

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