News: Spelling mistakes could cost your business

SONY DSCMost Britons would not use a company that had obvious spelling or grammatical mistakes on its website or marketing material, according to a new study.

A poll by Global Lingo found that 74% of customers were likely to notice a spelling or grammatical mistake, and 59% would be put off from using a company that made them.

When it came to translated materials, 82% said they would not use a company that hadn’t correctly translated their online and marketing material into English.

The majority (61%) of respondents said they ‘wouldn’t trust the company to provide a good quality service’ if it did not use good spelling or grammar, while 34% said mistakes show ‘an obvious lack of care’ and 26% would consider the company to be ‘unprofessional’.

Richard Michie from Global Lingo said “You only have a short amount of time to make an impression on a potential customer, and if your website or ad is riddled with grammatical errors, it’s not going to place you in a favourable light. Competition is tough, and if you don’t take the care to present yourself in as professional a light as possible, you may well be losing yourself important business. Everyone wants a professional service no matter what they’re buying, and good use of linguistics is a hugely important part of this.”

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