News: Stress costs UK businesses £1 billion per year

businessman yelling on the phoneNew research from Business Environment has revealed UK businesses are losing around £1 billion per year in direct costs due to stressed workers taking days off.

As many as one in five (19.6%) of employees has taken time off work due to stress, and 28.8% say they feel stressed at work all or most of the time.

Unrealistic deadlines, pressure from above and a lack of support were voted the biggest causes of workplace stress. A fifth (21%) of workers in the study said they take work home at least once or twice a week.

Monday is the most stressful day of the week for more than a third of workers, while Thursday was reported to be the calmest day of the working week.

David Saul, managing director of Business Environment, said “Many companies have slipped into creating a culture where employees are expected to work all hours at any cost. This research clearly shows that this is actually having a detrimental effect, not only on employee health and wellbeing, but also on the wider business with billions being lost in days taken off sick.”


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