News: Study uncovers traits of nightmare co-workers

businessman yelling on the phoneA survey of over 2,000 managers has revealed the most annoying traits of co-workers.

In a new report from the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM), 65% of respondents voted colleagues arriving late in the morning or for meetings as their number one frustration.

Gossip was identified as a source of frustration, while office attire also caused controversy among managers. Most female managers (92%) think revealing clothing is most inappropriate for the workplace, whilst male 81% of male managers take exception to flip flops.

Workers also cited ‘management speak’ as a pointless irritation, with “thinking outside the box” (57%), “going forward” (55%) and “let’s touch base” (39%) as the three most overused jargon phrases.

According to the survey, the nightmare colleague:

  • Arrives late for meetings (65%)

  • Leaves dirty bowls and plates on their desk after lunch (63%)

  • Gossips about other workers (60%)

  • Discusses confidential work matters openly (54%)

  • Sends you an email when they’re sat directly opposite (56%)

  • Leaves their mobile phone on loud (42%)

  • Takes regular cigarette breaks (39%)

  • Comes into work sick when they should have stayed in bed (34%)

  • Brings their children into the office (27%)

Do you have a nightmare colleague, or are you guilty of any of these workplace sins? Leave us a comment to let us know your thoughts.


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