News: Technology drives small businesses to work harder than ever

stressed businesswomanDespite the growing amount of technology intended to make our lives easier, many of the UK’s smallest businesses feel technology is driving them to work harder than ever.

According to the latest Small Business Report from Lloyds Bank Insurance, 47% of microbusiness owners and sole traders say they can’t switch off from work due to their reliance on technology, and 41% work longer hours as a result of this.

Business owners are also realising the importance of an online presence for their business, with 70% fearing they risk being left behind if they neglect their digital presence. Almost nine in ten say they feel they need to respond to customer queries quickly and admit they feel they always need to be contactable – something that the increase of mobile technology has enabled.

Almost half of these small business owners are concerned they are not using the latest communication channels effectively, and a quarter are worried they’re not keeping up with the latest devices.


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