News: Third of businesses see rise in absences during heatwave

2128168796_c58f8bb5efThe UK’s recent spell of warm weather has had an undesirable impact on businesses, with almost a third reporting a spike in absence rates during the heatwave.

The study by PMI Health Group found 30% of businesses had more staff call in sick since the start of summer.

This rise in unauthorised absences could partly be down to a lack of flexible working policies, with employees calling in sick as a last resort in order to enjoy the weather. More than half (54%) of businesses said they still do not operate flexible working policies that staff are able to utilise at short notice.

However, businesses are seeing another benefit of the warmer weather – 71% said they find it easier to engage employees in wellbeing schemes during the summer months.

Mike Blake, director of PMI Health Group, said “Employers need to be increasingly flexible in their approach to working hours and benefits packages. Flexible shift patterns will allow employees to fulfil their required hours without feeling their work-life balance is compromised, while holistic wellbeing schemes can work on improving workplace morale.”

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