News: Thomson Employee Sends Foul-Mouthed Emails to Customer

Travel provider Thomson got itself tangled in a customer service fail this week as a disgruntled employee subjected a customer to a series of foul-mouthed rants in response to a complaint.

Gemma Fish had complained to Thomson after paying £3000 for a holiday to Mexico, where her luxury hotel room turned out to be “like a prison cell”. The problem was dealt with swiftly and Gemma and her partner were upgraded to a new room, but a month after returning home she began to receive emails from Thomson.

Gemma told the Daily Mail that she received three separate emails from the Thomson customer service email address, all in the early hours of the morning. In response to her complaint, one of the emails read “Gemma do you think we really give a **** Because we don’t so shut the **** with ur moaning”. The email went on to say “You should have booked with Thomas Cook”.

Thomson blamed the emails on a rogue employee, who has since been dismissed. Gemma was first offered holiday vouchers as compensation, then a cheque for £150, but she insists this is not a satisfactory outcome. It wouldn’t be a surprise if she took Thomson’s advice and booked with rivals Thomas Cook next time.

Do you think that Thomson handled the issue well? Has a troublesome employee ever landed your company in hot water? Leave us a comment to let us know.

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