News: Tradesmen losing custom over poor-condition vans

2932162112_73cefdb6dbA new report has found that the condition of vans and commercial vehicles significantly affect the likelihood of attracting new clients.

In the study from Vanarama, 63% of respondents said the condition of a tradesman’s vehicle would influence their decision to use them, with this number rising to 69% in London.

Almost half (49%) of respondents said the age of a tradesman’s vehicle is key to business integrity, as well as a clearly visible company logo on the vehicle.

The appearance of the tradesmen themselves was also highlighted, with 93% of people saying proper attire and presenting evidence of certified technical qualifications is essential when attending a property.

Andy Alderson, managing director of Vanarama, said “We instinctively knew that a van in poor condition could create the wrong impression about a tradesman, potentially impacting on the amount of work received, the price charged and ultimately their business reputation.

“Our recent research of consumer perceptions not only confirmed this but crystallised just how important a tradesman’s vehicle is in winning new customers.”

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