News: Website Mixes up Meningitis Helpline With Sex Hotline

Photo by Nate Steiner

Another Friday, another fail – this time for a governor and radio station in Florida. During a cabinet meeting this week, governor Rick Scott accidentally gave out the number for a phone sex line instead of a meningitis helpline.

Callers to the helpline were looking for advice after an outbreak of fungal meningitis in the US. So far, the infection has affected 137 people in 10 states, with 12 reported to have died. Instead of advice, callers were greeted with a message saying “Hello boys, thank you for calling me on my anniversary”.

The governor realised his error, and read out the correct number soon after. Unfortunately, it had already been published on the website of a public radio station WUSF, which was providing coverage of the cabinet meeting. The website was viewed by thousands of visitors, and it didn’t take long for the first person to call the number and realise the mistake.

Let’s hope the radio station learned a valuable lesson – it’s important to get your facts straight before publishing them on the web for all to see!

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