News: White van men missing out on website business

2932162112_73cefdb6dbA new survey has set out to discover whether van owners are making the most of their vehicle as a business asset.

The research from AXA Business Insurance found that more than a third of small business owners do not have any signage on their commercial vehicle. Of those that do have signage on their van, the most common feature is the company name. Only six in ten include a phone number and less than half include their web address on their van. Just one in five display their Facebook or Twitter details.

Over half of UK consumers refer to signage on vans when looking for a service, and businesses that do use vehicle signage claim it brings in just under 30% of their business.

The survey found that consumers would rather see a website than a phone number, despite the fact most business owners neglect their web address in their vehicle signage. More than half of respondents said they would be put off by spelling mistakes in the signage or if the van was driven badly or was dirty.

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