News: Young men dominating the small business market

surprised businessmanYoung men dominate the small business landscape, according to a new study by Expert Market.

The research found that women and the over-50s are shunning entrepreneurship in favour of stable employment.

When it comes to starting a small business, 36% fewer women than men plan to become entrepreneurs. While half of men said they have an entrepreneurial mindset, only 30% of women agreed.

Those in the over-50 age bracket are three times less likely to start up their own business than those under 30.

A spokesperson from Expert Market said “For a lot of people, the idea of having their own business is connected with too many possibilities of failure, rather than success”.

“We would like to see more support for women and the over-50s to help ensure that entrepreneurship is not just the preserve of young men. The whole business sector can benefit from multiple skill sets, areas of knowledge and ideas”.

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