Is number one on search engine results the place to be?

Is the number one spot on search engine results pages the best for your small business?

Many clients not only want to be the number one position on Search Engine Results Pages, but in all 10 results on the first page – which is not possible…

A study from Advance Web Ranking said that if you are on page two or three you pick up 5.59% of click-throughs, compared to the number one spot where 31.24% people hover over it.

 CTR vs Exact Position

However things have changed, as search engines are so intuitive, now adapting to each person’s personal search history and preferences. Now searchers may not click on the first listing, some may click on those that “look” better than the first listing, this is where Rich Media makes a difference.

Rich Media

Rich media is extras to Search Engine Listings that you do not normally get. Such as a photo or rating system.

Pic Rich Media





You can see this in the difference between the two listing below.



You can see the difference, with one having a star rating from a third party website, while one does not. A study from Blue Nile, found that listings featuring rich media are getting a better CTR than those without it.

One of the test sites saw an increase of 13% of clicks that had rich media and position two compared to those without rich media in position one.

Another example within the test saw an eCommerce site in position two with a star review feature within its listing got 76% of the clicks, compared to just 9% of the clicks for the listing that was number one within the SERP that did not have the star review feature.

The reason why people tend to clicks on these listing is the search positively to imagery and bright shiny symbols and; therefore, are more likely to click through accordingly. Another element here is the trust element. People tend to trust a “star rating” feature, without even knowing who/where the reviews are hosted.

So how do you add Rich Data to your search results?

Schema markup allows you a lot of different options to make your results look different to other ones within the search engine results pages, and is the preferred option of Google/Bing and other Search engines. A listing using schema markup can rank as much as four places higher than those without, as discovered by Searchmetrics.

Rich Snippets vs Traditional SEO

Rich snippets should not be used as a one-stop shop technique to guarantee a high listing within SERPs, but just as a way of making your listing more attractive/clickable. If your website and content are poor or not relevant to the search query, when judged by Google then the results will not happen.

They should be used alongside your ongoing SEO techniques. Rich snippets should be used as a way to showcase your pages content and how it best meets the searcher’s needs.

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Max 'Rusty' Carlton is an SEO consultant at bOnline. In his posts he shares tips for improving local SEO rankings and staying current with Google Rankings.

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