Website Builder Update 28 September 2012

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We are constantly updating our range of website templates. This week we’ve introduced stunning new designs for the restaurant, professional services and photography sectors:

Creating your website is now even easier. You can now take a welcome tour which guides you through the functions of the toolbar:

If you’ve started out with one of our great free trials, it’s now even easier to pay online and go live with our DIY  £8.95 package or upgrade to our £14.95 package. No need to call in.

bOnline provides you with your own domain name free for two years. You can now simply search for a suitable domain name and instantly check domain availability:

We have upgraded our payment system so you are now able to accept credit card payments from your customers through Google Wallet, in addition to the existing PayPal setup.

Many of you have asked for more options to manage images on your websites. You can now zoom in addition to replacing, linking and tagging your photos:
  • Replacing – to change your photos.
  • Linking – to link photo to another page (e.g. portfolio page).
  • Tagging – to get picked up by search engines.
  • Zooming  – to pop-up a large image with original format/resolution.

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